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Gui zhou agricultural vocational college holds conscription meeting in 2017

  In response to the recruitment of university students,and made solid progress in promoting recruitment in 2017, the Gui zhou agricultural vocational college held conscription mobilization meeting. Huang guanghui, the minister of the people’s armed services department of Qingzhen city, Zhang xiong ,the head of the political work section,Zhou shiming, the deputy secretary of vocational education city, Wang jian the head of the armed forces department of the vocational education city, and Chen minkang, the vice President of Gui zhou agriculture vocational college has attend the meeting.The meeting was chaired by the director of security.

  At the meeting, Chen minkang made a detailed introduction and in-depth understanding of the opinions on <strengthening and improving the recruitment and publicity work under the new situation>. He emphasized the importance of strengthening and improving the recruitment and publicity work under the new situation.

  Huang guanghui, the leading group of the conscription work in Qing zhen city and the the people’s armed forces department of Qingzhen city, welcomed the college students who signed up to join the army.He also means that college students were conscripted into the army,both to serve the motherland and to devote themselves to the construction of national defense, as well as an important opportunity to train their all-round growth.At the same time, he raised the expectations of college students,encouraged students to participate actively in the registration, and to be a passionate young man with the faith,and to realize the dream of the Chinese dream.

  Subsequently, Zhang xiong interpretation about the corresponding deep classmates in all kinds of recruitment policy to encourage and preferential policies,etc,made a series of attention on college students who have registered and enlisted registration procedure and requirements.

  After the meeting, the students were consulted the relevant questions.Through the convening of the mobilization conference, our students have learned more about the army.From the enthusiasm of the students, it can be seen that the students of the vocational college of agriculture have a warm heart and a warm patriotic heart.We believe that in the coming days, our country will also be stable and prosperous.