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Strengthen teaching monitor,improve mechanics level

To strengthen the monitoring of teaching quality of education, to further improve the teaching quality of education and improve the level of school, the college teaching assessment office and Dean’s office has conducted the second semester of the second semester of students’ evaluation and education in the department from June 20th-26th, 2017 .The relevant personnel of the college teaching assessment office, the Dean’s office and the basic teaching department went to each department of the college to participate in the discussion. Students, in the night class of June 26 to filled out the evaluations of their teachers. Student evaluation of teacher as an important part of the education teaching quality evaluation system, for students to participate in teachers’ classroom teaching quality evaluation is to help teachers and teaching management grasp the situation, one of the specific measures of improving teaching to improve teaching quality, teaching management to the teacher’s professional ability is one of the important ways of evaluation.

At the forum, students expressed their opinions and opinions on the teaching methods of teaching attitude of teachers in political class , and put forward some good suggestions. In contrast to the students of the first semester, the students’ questions are not focused on the courses, but are focused on the training conditions and the direction of employment. The director of the department , carefully listened to the students’ opinions, gave the positive solutions, and formulated the solution to the urgent problems raised.

The teaching evaluation office will review and feedback the problems reflected by the students in this meeting and give feedback to relevant leaders and departments and details to remind departments and departments concerned to solve the problems.

The student evaluation teacher panel is an important measure to evaluate the quality of teaching quality in the office.By listening to the opinions of the student representatives of different disciplines and the suggestion, is conducive to timely discover and solve the problems that exist in the daily teaching management work, is conducive to further improve work method to adjust the working train of thought, to improve the managerial level create favorable article.