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Strengthen cooperation between schools,and promote the agricultrual profession education

On June 6th , Mr.Deng Qingsheng,President of the Agricultural vocational college of GuiZhou province, and other relevant leaders visited the Qinnan national normal college of Guizhou province, to observe the training of school cooperation and other related issues. The discussion was conducted by Mr.Zou lianke, the secretary of the party committee of the university of Qinnan national normal college of Guizhou province,and Mr.Wu dawang ,the party secretary of the school of biological sciences and agriculture,and Miss.Song lisa, the head of the department of biological sciences and agronomy.

During the discussion with secretary Zhou lianke, Prsident Deng qingsheng had and an indepth exchange of ideas and starting point of the school and school cooperation training.

Zou lianke secretary pointed out that cooperation was established through the same time,it is suggeted that our college should serve the industry in the context of the training euipment and the teachers , so as to get the attention and support.

At the symposium,the secretary Wu dawang and President Deng qingsheng introduced the basic conditions of their respective colleges.Dean Deng qingsheng spoke of the first few preliminary thoughts:the first is the lack of talent combined with industry.The phenomenon of the lack of tlent in the current industry is explained by the accumulation of edible fungi,and can establish agriculture profession education teacher. The second point is that the development of the college requires a large number of teachers,which can be directed to the training of postgraduate students. After graduation, can work in our college.The third point is through the cooperation with biological science and agronomy, especially tea science major, common in DuYun forging base construction, and even consider high simulation base construction, combination of industry study teaching research.The fourth point, throgh which channels and procedures to solve the problem of junior college students, realize the mutual development of the college.At the same time ,the president of Deng qingsheng analyzed the current agricultural development situation and related policies.He pointed out that the momentum is good and promising.

Wu dawang, the secretary of the department of biological sciences and agriculture , and the dean of the university,Song lisa,are fully certain that our collge has a basic policy in developing agriculture, and is particularly interested in the construction of high simulation bases.They talk about that cooperation is necessary,or even a long-term development direction and goal,find the bosom friend,have a common topic,have a common ideas,have a common goal,looking forward to good cooperation common development feasibility scheme.

After the discussion forums to communicate, accompanied by the secretary of Wu dawang ,the dean of Song lisa and the related professional teachers,we visited the practical training room of the tea department of biological sciences and agricultural college.In addition, we have learned about the related tea culture in the introduction of the teacher.

Finally, President Deng qingsheng thanked the leaders and teachers of the Qiannan national university for their warm reception,and look forward to the relevant leaders and teachers to visit our college to study and exchange guidance.